Katya Elise Henry

Katya Elise Henry

Social media sensation and WBFF Pro Katya Elise Henry is an online trainer and celebrated fitness model. Based in Miami, Katya is loved for her unique approach to training and ability to empower others to achieve their goals. 

"I was blessed with a Mom who is an amazing personal trainer, and a Dad who has always been involved in sports and weight training. Growing up, I was always active and generally fit. My childhood dream was to be a cheerleader, and I pursued this goal until it was achieved when I turned 18! As I grew older, I started to develop an understanding of the way I wanted to look. My main sources of motivation came from my mom and sister, but also from myself. I know that my fitness journey will never stop - improvement is constant and never-ending!"

Katya's super engaged audience, matched with her accomplished physique as a WBFF Pro has allowed her to build one of the world's most successful online training platforms, Workouts By Katya. With ten of thousands of happy clients, Katya is an inspiration for millions of girls around, looking to use fitness as their vehicle for a fulfilling, all-rounded lifestyle. 

"I soon realized that seeing progress in others is even more satisfying than seeing my own progress! It was an amazing feeling to see that my unique approach to fitness was helping others to get such amazing results."