Jazmin x Blessed

YouTube superstar Jazmin Gonzalez is adored for her vibrant personality and approach to life.

Jazmin's fitness transformation has been highly relatable to her viewers, always a work-in-progress, striving for improvement while always proud of what she's accomplished.

"Every day counts! I try to do at least one productive thing every day; read, gym, go for a walk, draw, meal prep, find time to relax, meditate etc. Life is great if you make it great!"

Blessed Q&A with Jazmin

My Two Faves

Jazmin Gonzalez Blessed

Blessed Protein

'It’s vegan, tastes freaking amazing, & isn’t gritty like other plant based protein powders. if u don’t consume dairy or get bloated easily, i recommend this!'

Jazmin Gonzalez OxyShred


'My fave fat burner OxyShred in Kiwi Strawberry flavor is da booomb! It's also vegan-friendly so it goes nicely with Blessed.'


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